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About us

We believe in creating and supporting what is ongoing and lasting—relationships, community, and empowering individuals to rise above difficult circumstances.

The Ever House Coffee Co. is more than a place for gathering—it’s an environment for impact.

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Have you ever experienced a second chance? Whether in life, a relationship, your career, or an opportunity, second chances are gifts. Not only can we receive them, but we are giving them here at The Ever House Coffee Co. 

Our front door is an open door for change. This is where young adults who are marginalized and disconnected from educational opportunities or work find a place to thrive. Progressing through our 1-2 year apprenticeship program, they find wholeness, healing, community, and purpose. When you enjoy a cup of coffee at The Ever House Coffee Co., you’re joining in this effort and building a more resilient and thriving community.

Gift a Second Chance Through a Cup of Coffee

About us

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Gathering is powerful. Our community strengthens as neighbors meet around tables and apprentices unite around a shared vision. There is security and resilience in coming together. Great coffee happens to be an excellent gathering point.

In a society often focused on temporary things, gathering reminds us of what matters in life. The word “Ever” in “The Ever House” represents “always” and “beyond.” We are stepping beyond the surface things of life and making a lasting impact. This impact reflects how God has poured His abundant grace and compassion into our lives. Join us in slowing down so we can go beyond and savor the lasting things in life.

Gathering should feel like home


Our Values

A great leader provides wise guidance and direction. When someone is led well, they learn to compassionately lead others. We believe in creating generational leadership where individuals learn to take control of their lives and positively influence those around them. Apprentices in our program develop leadership qualities of integrity, responsibility, kindness, and a servant's heart.


Aspiration, ambition, and determination are powerful forces in our lives. However, when hard times cause an individual to lose sight of their purpose, they can fall into a hole of discouragement that is hard to escape. In our apprenticeship program, we help individuals rediscover their purpose and construct confidence that compels them forward. They learn to recognize their unique gifts and how those qualities can benefit and build a better society and future.


Growing into a strong leader with a clear purpose leads to an excellence in work ethic and craft. This is our aim at The Ever House. Apprentices learn and practice going above and beyond in customer care and coffee craft. They discover that doing more than what’s expected of them is an essential key to success and servanthood. They will learn skills and craft that will qualify them for further career opportunities in their future.


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