The Ever House apprenticeship program focuses on practical skills for the workforce. Our goal is for graduates to have the knowledge, practice, and confidence to launch into their next adventure, whether further education or a career.

We equip them for success in their personal and professional lives through mentorship, leadership training, and practical job experience carried out through our non-profit coffee shop.

Equipping Individuals to Progress With Confidence

Our mission

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For everyone who goes through The Ever House apprenticeship program to step forward with confidence into a society where they know their place and purpose.

Our goal:

Through mentorship, individuals find emotional and spiritual support. In practical skills training, they receive career coaching and financial literacy. Finally, they develop responsible habits, integrity, and clear and honest communication through leadership training.

Mentorship & Coaching

Our barista training program encourages individuals to break free from what’s comfortable or cyclical to embrace a life of purposeful work and personal progress. Every part of our program is designed to encourage, heal, and equip young adults spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and professionally.

Our barista training program

In the heart of “Ever,” meaning “always” and “ongoing,” we believe in creating a sustainable model. We invest all the profits from the Ever House Coffee Co. back into the apprenticeship program, providing income for our interns and helping meet their immediate needs of food, housing, and clothing.

Investing in our interns

How it Works

Everyone who steps through the door of The Ever House—whether a neighbor stopping in for a cup of coffee or an intern arriving for a day of educational opportunity—we want them to step back out into the world changed by the power of community.

Knowledge and perspective change how we see and want to live in the world. This happened when Josh and Jenai, founders of The Ever House, traveled and served overseas. Meeting individuals who have been handed hard times and denied opportunities, are stuck in generational setbacks, and don’t know how to move forward—they knew they wanted to equip and empower those who have been marginalized. They wanted to open a door to change and nurture an atmosphere of opportunity where second chances are created.

How it all Began