An excellent cup of coffee awakens your senses. You feel the warmth of a mug cupped in your hands and smell its sweet, slightly bitter aroma. Sipping at leisure, the taste activates creativity and ideas. But there is another sense that coffee from The Ever House Coffee Co. enlivens:

A sense of Purpose

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To “gather” means to come together around a central point. The Ever House Coffee Co. is that central place where community happens. It reflects the essential values of a home as a welcoming and inspiring space. We’re about much more than serving excellent coffee and great conversations.

The Ever House Coffee Co. is an ecosystem for a healthy community. We’re achieving this through our 1-2 year apprenticeship program. Individuals who have been marginalized and denied opportunities become generational chain-breakers. They learn they don’t have to follow the well-worn ruts of adversity. Instead, they can break strongholds in their lives and start over—this time with the tools, skills, knowledge, and community to succeed and thrive.

Creating an ecosystem for a healthy community

Mon—Fri  /  7:00 to 5:00
Sat  /  8:00 to 5:00
Sun  /  Closed


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